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== History ==
See here:
[[Image:X Legion Of Doom X Officers.jpg]]
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| isle = Isle of Solitude
| progress = 13
| xunlai = 1
| dye = 1
| material = 1
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| merchant = 1
| weaponsmith = 1
| guild = 1
| canthan = 1
| festival = 1
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== Guild Leader ==
== Guild Leader ==

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X Legion of Doom X Shield Logo.png

X Legion of Doom X [LOD] is a huge PvE guild and alliance centered around elite missions. The guild was founded in October, 2005 and has maintained a large number of members and allies ever since. Best known for being the founder of the Urgoz PWNZILLA, the guild maintains daily elite missions runs with full guild/alliance teams. [LOD] claim of fame lies in its unwavering persuit of dominating PvE especially in any area considered elite in all three campaigns and the expansion pack. Being one of the few guilds in the game that have been able to consistently prove its ability to schedule regular full guild elite area runs for such a long time.

X Legion Of Doom X LOD
X Legion Of Doom X.jpg
Territory American
Language English
Type PvE 90%, PvP 10%
Members 100
VoIP Ventrillo
Time zone Spreads all over U.S.A, Canada.

Guild of the Week

[LOD] has been picked as Guild of the Week by Anet on 2/12/2008.


[LOD] has a large variety of PvE activities, but best known for the elite mission guild/alliance runs.

Runs include: Urgoz's Warren, Underworld, Fissure of Woe, Domain of Anguish, The Deep, and Slaver's Exile, and Many Dungeons.

From time to time, there are always people organizing Hard Mode Vanquishing, Missions, Dungeons, and the like.

Elite Areas

Fissure of Woe HM in 20 min [1]

Urgoz HM in 21 min [2].

DoA Full HM in 1:33h [3]

Mallyx HM in 16 min [4]

Underworld HM in 13 min [5]

Slavers Exile: Rand+Thommis HM 19 min, Selv HM 18 min, Forge HM 15 min, Duncan HM 20 min [6]

Bogroots Growth: HM in 6 min


Guild Leader

Oujo Tenshi

Officer List

Dante Feedmenow

Mathius Snipes

Tomoe Hangaku

Kirsten Krystals

Anonymous Alchemist

Assassin Of Moon

Weenis Ash

Muther Farm

Syve Forrorn

Jorik Bruynes


The guild runs at around 100 members most of the time, however; it is constantly recruiting to ensure all 100 members remain active within 1 week. Details about requirements for joining and members/officers rules are present on the official LOD website. First you will need to register here. Then you can apply for membership here. [LOD] expects all members and applicants to have all campaigns, and to be able to use Ventrillo. There are also strict rules for activity detailed in full in the LOD website



X Legion Of Doom X Alliance
Leader X Legion Of Doom X
Members Hey Mallyx • Stop Stealing • Fat Insecure Neurotic Emotional • The Incredible Edible Bookah • The Celestial Order Of Light • Lack Of Talent • Disciples Of Nocturnal Chaos • Syndicate Nightmare • Warrior Nation
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