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We Have Loads Of [GEMS]
We Have Loads Of Cape
Territory International
Language English
Type Elite PvE
Members 30
VoIP Private Ventrilo
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We Have Loads Of [GEMS] is a small guild who do Elite missions everyday.

History Edit

The guild was originally created June 2009 by a group of friends from SCAR and other high-end pve alliances. We instantly started (and since have) elite mission runs (DoA is our most popular, hence our name). [GEMS] are the creators of DoA Rangerway, DoA Earth Spike (Similar to FoW Redway), and DoA RoJway. In August 2009 one of the officers was hacked, and a member spike occured. Now we are back. Our guild had improved proficiency since the member spike due to more active players and fewer players. We run many, many, many builds in many different areas.

Recruitment Edit

We recruit either by application or by running with you and recommending you to the guild. We generally don't hold over 30 members in our guild for performance reasons. If we like your application, we will generally take you on a trial run to see if you are sufficient level for the guild.

Alliance Edit

Looking for one more well-built SC guild. Need to be doing consecutive runs in good times. Please apply on our forums if interested.

Leader & Officers Edit



  • Dwayna Blackblood

Contact Us Edit

We Have Loads Of Alliance
Leader We Have Loads Of
Members We Speed Clear Your Mom • Order Xx • The Renegades Of Ascalon • Victory Is Life Eternal • Fked Up Beyond All Recognition • Lets Enjoy A
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