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We Are In The Our Guild Hall

We Are In The [DARK] Edit

We Are In The [DARK]
We Are In The
Territory America
Language English
Leader Apocalyse Ward
Type PvE, Possibly PvP later
Members 30
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle
Time zone EST


Recently our guild underwent a huge change and depletion of our numbers. During this time leadership was given to Apocalypse Ward. We are trying to recruit as many people as we can but we are having some trouble in doing this. If anyone knows someone who will join and be active please let us know. We are working to get in more services but this costs a lot of money. Please have a little patience and we will get there. If anyone needs help with a mission I am always willing to help (although if I am in the middle of one you will have to wait lol). If there is something you would like us to work on please let us know and we will try with no guarantees.

"Kill Enemies, Drink Victory, and be the First to Battle."
-Apocalyse Ward-

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New Website

Leader Apocalyse Ward
Officer Mesmar
Officer Golden Godking

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Contact Golden Godking or Mesmar (In-Game)

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Stronghold of Nephalim [SON] Alliance
Leader Stronghold of Nephalim [SON]
Members Unknown
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