Recruiting PvX Kurzick Guild

Virtual High [Ecto]
Virtual High
Territory America
Language English
Leader Sophia Ashe
Alignment Kurzick
Type PvX
Members 23
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone Varies

Virtual High [Ecto] is a guild of Kurzick allegiance in Guild Wars, and is the leader of the Virtual High Alliance. Virtual High was founded on April 26, 2008. The guild is currently accepting new members from all aspects of Guild Wars.

Virtual High [Ecto] Edit

The name of our guild is derived from the Glob of Ectoplasm, and the "virtual high" it provides. We invite people from all different types of game play into a friendly PvX community that can pool its talents so that members can help other members in whatever they need help with.

Guild AnnouncementEdit

Vent IP: - Port: xxxxx - Pass: ******** ~ Challenge: 1st to get LDoA title in Pre-Searing as a Ranger or a Monk wins. ~ Grats to Bree on Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer and Sophia on Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer! :)


  • We have a Ventrilo voice chat server. Feel free to log on and talk with us.
  • Our guild hall is the Isle of Meditation.
  • We have a full guild hall. Please make use of the amenities.
  • CHALLENGE: The first person to become Legendary Defender of Ascalon as a Ranger or a Monk.



Sophia Ashe


Excess Entropy
Her Royal Breeness
Ingrown Toe Nail
Johnny Shadows
Red Stapler
William Ashe
Zelas One


Alex Fugican
Ashetaka Emishi
Assasin of Puppets
Black Magicxx
Extreme Acurracy
Kabooz Rit
Itchy Nips
Lord Zezemnes
Master Debate
Nightmare Johnson
Saint Delacroix
Siris Of Elona
Sota Takomoni
Xzen Nightdagger
Zot Shot
Virtual High Alliance
Leader Virtual High
Members Atomik Fear • Bards Beast • Dragons Of The Rose • Fading Reality • Gutbuster Batleragers • Knights Of The Malice
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