This bot is owned by User:Shadowphoenix any and all edits made by this bot have been assigned and approved. User:Shadowphoenix is responsible for every edit made by this bot. If you would like more information on the restrictions this bot in particular follows, please see GuildWiki:Bots.
If you would like to request a task to be done by this bot please make a clear request at Guild Wars Guilds:Bot tasks.
This bot's talk page is not the place to request edits to be made by it.
If you leave a message on this bot's talk page, it will temp. halt what it is doing; only post on the talk page if you see a problem with the edits the bot is making. If you would like to ask questions or anything to the like about this bot, please ask on the owners talk page.


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Normally PhoenixBot runs the IRC channel while no one is there, but due to Shadowphoenix's recent computer crash, PhoenixBot's IRC components have been uninstalled. Shadowphoenix plans to have PhoenixBot back in IRC within the next few weeks.

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