Matthew Wood

Hey, I'm Matt. I'm just another Guild Wars player.

I pop up some on GuildWiki and PvX, and I occasionally poke around at Guild Wars Guilds. You can also find me at the Official Guild Wars Wiki; I carry the same user name there as I do on Wikia.

My GW account consists of the following characters (account primary character in bold):

Aurelia Le Mort
Aziel Esasot Abnon
Brianna Wagner
Damion Crowley
Lenora Phoenix
Muric Celest
Penelope Lea Potter
Pillar Of Ascalon
Quinn Thunderhammer
Shen Do Tsu
Sophia Ashe
Xiang He Feng
Xiang Mei Lien

For more information on what I do in Guild Wars go here please. Userboxes always tell the tale about a user at GuildWiki, and I'm no exception...there's plenty of them on my own user page there. You can also find (slightly) expanded information about my characters.

This user is a native speaker of English.

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