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United Jade Walkers [UjW][]

United Jade Walkers [UjW]
File:United Jade Walkers.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Wandering Traveler
Alignment Luxon
Type PvX
Members 6
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
IRC channel N/A
Webpage N/A
Forums N/A
Time zone Randomized


The United Jade Walkers all started when a group of 3 people partied up in Vizunah Square and...well, had a little too much fun. After the mission, our now guild leader, Viscount Dragon, offered to create a guild in order to help other people less fortunate then us through difficult to clear areas like the underworld, as well as help lower level cahracters progress through their missions with little fear of failiure. with a little convincing, the guild was formed. Unfortunately, our guild leader, Viscount Dragon, had a few real-life issues come up, and he can no longer play Guild Wars. Therefore, Wandering Traveler was promoted to Guild Leader, and now continues to recruit and expand the guild.

Contact information[]

The United Jade Walkers accepts most anyone into their ranks. Our requirements are simple: be active, and be luxon! If you are these simple things, you will be admitted into our ranks. We do all we can to make sure you feel welcome in our guild, so if you need help or advice in the game, ask one of the officers or members. We will be happy to assist. if you wish to join, PM one of our officers.