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This page is about a player guild that has been recognized by ArenaNet for its achievements in Guild Wars.

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The Imperium Of Lazy Nation [LaZy][]

The Imperium Of Lazy Nation, is one of the biggest PvE guilds in the Guild Wars game. The "Lazy Nation" houses 17 guilds in two different allainces. They have become one of the greatest PvE guilds in Guild Wars history.

The Imperium Of Lazy Nation [LaZy]
The Imperium Of Lazy Nation.jpg
Territory International
Alignment Luxon/Kurzick
Type PvE
Members 1,800+
Guild Hall Multiple
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage [1]
GWG Forum LaZy

Awards and Recognition:[]


The Imperium of Lazy Nation Alliance
Leader The Imperium of Lazy Nation
Members Allegiance of Myriads • Citadel of Faith • Citadel of Immortals • Clandestiny of Solitude • Divine Illumination • Knights of Aralia • Lazy Dominus Legatus • Lazy Imperius Legionis • Order Of Unity


Sentinels Of The Imperium Alliance
Leader Sentinels Of The Imperium
Members Blades of Dark Chaos • Guardians Of The Imperium • Legends United • Nocturnal Chaos • Swords Of Vengeance • Unveilled Illusion