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Syko Killers [SYKO][]

Syko Killers [SYKO]
File:Syko Killers.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader LeakingBlood
Type PvP
GWG Forum
Time zone Eastern Standard Time We’re dedicated to our game and real life. We’re competitive gamers and a family of friends. We’re people with responsibilities and duty in real life. Simply put, we work hard and we play hard.

Our team functions as a family. Friends of all ages make up the strength or our team. Selfless acts, strong appreciation, loyalty, and peer motivation drives us to being great beings. There are lessons to be learnt from losses and improvements to be made from victory.

Syko Killers in Guild Wars 2 is a light hearted PVP guild. Role playing also plays a big part in advancing our characters and enjoying the Guild Wars lore. We enforce tough ruling while easily followed through common sense. Those who join can’t imagine a Guild Wars without the SYKO tag.

Give yourself a chance to be part of something that is positive and personal. Join Syko Killers.

Current Mission[]

Our current short term goal is to rebuild our forces and give fresh blood new leadership roles in preparation for Guild Wars 2.

Get your feet wet…[]

Read up on the Syko Killers Charter. This would give you a good idea of what we believe in for our members. I’ve stuck with these rules ever since we started in the original Guild Wars.

Visit our site. Our guild started in 2001 for games that no longer exist. Beginning last year, we put together our own portal site which is 100% original hand written coding and set to go Open Source someday. Of course that’s not what you’re here for. Come be part of our community!