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18:27, April 5, 2009"Lead the Way!".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
18:26, April 5, 2009"It's just a flesh wound.".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
18:26, April 5, 2009"Incoming!".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
18:25, April 5, 2009"I Will Survive!".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
18:25, April 5, 2009"I Will Avenge You!".jpg (file)3 KBBalistic Pve 
18:24, April 5, 2009"I Meant to Do That!".jpg (file)28 KBBalistic Pve 
18:24, April 5, 2009"I Am Unstoppable!".jpg (file)5 KBBalistic Pve 
18:23, April 5, 2009"I Am The Strongest!".jpg (file)6 KBBalistic Pve 
18:23, April 5, 2009"Help Me!".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
18:22, April 5, 2009"By Ural's Hammer!".jpg (file)4 KBBalistic Pve 
01:44, April 3, 2009"Go for the Eyes!".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
01:43, April 3, 2009"Form Up and Advance!".jpg (file)9 KBBalistic Pve 
01:42, April 3, 2009"For Great Justice!".jpg (file)3 KBBalistic Pve 
01:40, April 3, 2009"For Elona!".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
01:40, April 3, 2009"Finish Him!".jpg (file)6 KBBalistic Pve 
01:37, April 3, 2009"Find Their Weakness!".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
01:36, April 3, 2009"Fear Me!".jpg (file)3 KBBalistic Pve 
01:33, April 3, 2009"Fall Back!".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
01:19, April 3, 2009"Don't Trip!".jpg (file)5 KBBalistic Pve 
01:11, April 3, 2009"Dodge This!".jpg (file)5 KBBalistic Pve 
01:07, April 3, 2009"Coward!".jpg (file)4 KBBalistic Pve 
01:06, April 3, 2009"Can't Touch This!".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
01:04, April 3, 2009"Charge!".jpg (file)19 KBBalistic Pve 
01:02, April 3, 2009"Brace Yourself!".jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
00:14, April 1, 2009Assault Enchantments.jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
00:10, April 1, 2009Black Spider Strike.jpg (file)3 KBBalistic Pve 
00:10, April 1, 2009Augury of Death.jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
00:10, April 1, 2009Assassin's Remedy.jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
00:08, April 1, 2009Comfort Animal.jpg (file)2 KBBalistic Pve 
23:26, March 18, 2009Shadow Of Gods Elite.jpg (file)60 KBNareusDaedalus 
05:34, February 26, 200914px-Tango-check-icon.png (file)592 BPeople of Antioch 
05:29, February 26, 2009Tango-check-icon.png (file)1 KBPeople of Antioch 
10:25, February 25, 2009Oxford Doctors.jpg (file)6 KBSstaunb 
19:53, January 24, 2009BalisticSig.png (file)396 BBalistic Pve (#redirect User:Balistic Pve)
16:09, January 19, 2009Fox Hound Delta Force.jpg (file)5 KBKolafox (Pictured above is the cape worn by guild members)
15:35, January 19, 2009Base.jpg (file)42 KBKolafox 
02:32, January 6, 2009Everlasting Sacred Path.jpg (file)16 KBBalistic Pve 
02:11, January 5, 2009Electronic Empire logo.jpg (file)32 KBBalistic Pve 
02:06, January 5, 2009Female.png (file)772 BBalistic Pve (Made by LordBiro.)
02:05, January 5, 2009Male.png (file)887 BBalistic Pve (Made by LordBiro)
18:54, January 4, 2009East Indian Guild.jpg (file)10 KBBalistic Pve 
18:48, January 4, 2009Dvd Forums group photo.jpg (file)105 KBBalistic Pve 
18:47, January 4, 2009Dvd Forums.jpg (file)10 KBBalistic Pve 
18:43, January 4, 2009X Legion Of Doom X.jpg (file)24 KBBalistic Pve 
18:08, January 4, 2009Charter Vanguard.jpg (file)66 KBBalistic Pve 
18:05, January 4, 2009Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis.jpg (file)10 KBBalistic Pve 
17:58, January 4, 2009F4Sig.jpg (file)1 KBBalistic Pve (For User:**The Falling One**)
20:36, January 3, 2009The Shadows Of The Lost Souls.jpg (file)12 KBPeople of Antioch 
04:30, December 18, 2008Guild MAFB title pic.JPG (file)114 KBMoparmyk440 (Reverted to version as of 04:13, 18 December 2008)
03:15, December 18, 2008Beach head.jpg (file)341 KBMoparmyk440 

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