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Shadow Of Gods Elite [SOGE]

Shadow Of Gods Elite [SOGE]
Shadow Of Gods Elite.jpg
Territory England
Language English
Leader Ninja A B Of C
Type PvX
Members 1
Webpage Currently: main site
Time zone GMT +0


We are an elite branch of the guild Shadow of Gods, we are a friendly PvX guild, all members are treated equally, we don't tolerate bad language, rudeness, or insulting other members, any who do will recieve one warning, then if they continue they will be kicked. We are always open and our main guild Shadow Of Gods is also recruiting, as they kinda fell over.

Leader Ninja A B Of C
Officer Daedalus Dragon.


As mentioned above, we are recruiting now, and will probably be doing so for a while. So contact the leader (Nareus Daedalus) and simply ask, then i'll see what i can do.

Contact information

Leader's email: