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Ruriks Mercenaries [Merc][]

We are a small PvE oriented guild focused mainly on having fun and lending a helping hand to fellow members in almost any circumstances. We have started title hunting and doing major farming runs together (including FoW, UW, Urgoz, The Deep, DoA, ect.)

Ruriks Mercenaries [Merc]
Ruriks Mercenaries.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Jon Sarra
Alignment Kurzick
Type PvE
Members 15
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
VoIP teamspeak
IRC channel N/A
Forums link
Time zone EST


Ruriks Mercenaries accepts just about anyone into the guild. Our only requirement is that they player is open-minded, likes to have fun in a team environment, and has some level of maturity to them.

Contact information[]

If you would like to contact Ruriks Mercenaries, please contact the Guild Leader: Jon Sarra , or contact any one of the guild's officers if contact with the Guild Leader could not be established. Another option would be to leave a name on the discussion page and one of us will contact you.

Guild Leader[]

  • Jon Sarra

Registered Officers[]

  • Now Im Bored
  • Maelroth Telgar
  • Bazahnna Dah
  • Omin Rule
  • Kitaria Sardina
  • Rian Tempestas
  • Shudoshes Failure
  • Julie Star
  • Adain Firemonger

Officer Status[]

To become an officer of Ruriks Mercenaries, one must only be a good team player, have been with the guild for some period of time, and be fairly active. However, a member is of no less importance than any officer. In this guild, everyone, veteran or newbie, are all equal.


The Seraph Order [TSO] Alliance
Leader The Seraph Order [TSO]
Members Ruriks Mercenaries [Merc] • Gods of Death Shinigami [DG]