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Players Looking For Stability Edit

Players Looking For Stability LOST
Players Looking For Stability
Territory America but all are welcome
Language English
Leader Humfrid Kyrran
Alignment Kurzick
Type PvE with a small amount of PvP
Members 20
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage LOST Homepage
Forums LOST Forums
Time zone Easten Daylight Time GMT -5:00

In the beginning, there were members of [TREE] that were disillusioned at the turn that our guild leadership had taken. Then, in September 2008, the move was made and Players Looking For Stability was born. We are a relatively mature guild and we treat members like they are part of a family.

Players Looking For Stability [LOST] Edit

Our guild name comes from the fact that our prior guild leadership was less than stable. We all felt LOST and felt that the name fit us rather well.

Guild News Edit

We have begun running FoW and some of the more elite dungeons in EOTN! We are having our own version of growing pains with these areas, but we WILL persevere!

Guild Extras Edit

  • We have a full guild hall
  • We tend to share items between members
  • We almost always have at least one officer online
  • We encourage members to use our Vent server

Guild Goals Edit

We have a couple of goals here at [LOST]

  1. Become the best guild in Guild Wars
  2. Help all our members in whatever endeavor they wish
  3. Have FUN!!
  4. Next stop: HM FoW!!!!

Recruitment Edit

We take all players regardless of skill level and experience. All you have to do is find one of the officers or drop a line to one of our contacts and we will find you!

Officers Edit

Leader Edit
Humfrid Kyrran
Officers Edit
Derk Jetter
Careteaker Shirei
Ladee Liddlefeet
Remus Medic
Suriku Yang
Elite Members Edit
Bigger Bow Bill
Fiona Tierny
Yoshi Talon
Members Edit
Alyssa Hicks
Cpt Harry Potter
Cpt Harry Potter Jr
Darren Angelwing
Ditch Dr
Fairy Tink
Katelyn Holmes
Kooraa Frost
Matthew Swan
Silent Death Clyde

Contact information Edit

For any questions or possible recruits, email us at,, or look for any of our officers in game(listed name is their main character).

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