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Phyrexian War Machine [PWM][]

Phyrexian War Machine [PWM]
File:Phyrexian War Machine.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Leader Xantcha Of Phyrexia
Alignment Kurzick
Type PvE, casual PvP
Members ~10
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle
VoIP Vent
IRC channel PWM on GameSurge
GWG Forum Forum:Phyrexian War Machine
Time zone USA Central

Guild name inspired by the fictional realm of Phyrexia from the card game Magic: The Gathering, and the monstrous beasts of war which call Phyrexia home.

[PWM] was created in the early weeks of Prophecies as a home for several real-life college friends who had played during the World Preview Event, and has maintained a small but dedicated roster since that early time.


[PWM] is not actively recruiting.

[PWM] is composed entirely of real-life friends, and as such, recruitment is limited to a relatively small pool.

Contact information[]

Leader: Xantcha Of Phyrexia

Phyrexian War Machine Alliance
Leader Phyrexian War Machine
Members Wogogu Knights