Keebler Cookie [ELF] Edit

Keebler Cookie [ELF]
Keebler Cookie
Territory US
Language English
Leader Ravenna Nyx
Alignment Luxon
Type PvE
Members 4
Guild Hall Uncharted Isle
VoIP n/a
IRC channel n/a
Webpage n/a
Forums n/a
GWG Forum Forum:Keebler_Cookie
Time zone GMT -6

About UsEdit

We are a tiny little guild that loves cookies and enjoys hoarding armor. We might even have grand delusions of taking over the (guild wars) world. Might. But you didn't hear that from me. Anywho, see below for recruitment info.

Recruitment Edit

Not really recruiting...:) Although we do accept new members. Requirements for joining would be that you are a mature, intelligent player with a good sense of humor. And of course, you must enjoy cookies (unless you are Minh, then it is not required). Contact Ravenna Nyx in-game if you happen to be interested.

Contact information Edit

Oregon Duck Slayers Alliance
Leader Oregon Duck Slayers
Members Dragon Knights Of Vengence • Noob O Saurus • Keebler Cookie • We Can Take On Pandaland
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