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How do I create a Guild? Edit

Well it is actually quite simple really. A guild can be created by paying one hundred gold to a guild registrar. The person that pays the gold will become the guild's leader. No guild can have the same name, all guilds must have a unique name. The name of the guild can not exceed 31 letters. The guild tag must be at least 2 letters long but can be no more than 4 letters long. Also if you have purchased only the PvP access kit you are not permitted to create a guild because you will not have access to any guild registrars.

How do I join a Guild? Edit

Anyone that is in a guild that is either the leader or an officer can invite people to a guild. Once you have been invited, press G on your keyboard and it will ask you if you accept or reject the guild invite. If you choose to accept you will be come a guild member (who has certain restrictions in a guild).

How do I make a Guild page? Edit

The preffered way for you to make a guild page is by typing your guilds name in the box on the Main page and pressing the button below it. However, you may also create a guild page by typing the name of your Guild into the searchbox on the left and clicking go.

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