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To prevent the breaking of talk pages or where ever else signatures are used, signatures should abide by these rules.


The purpose of a signature is to quickly identify your comments when made on pages that ask for them. They are customizable by font, color, size, and even images.

How to sign[]

Adding your user name to the end of a comment is accepted. To do this:

  • Type four tildes (~~~~) - or -
  • Press the Button sig.png button (which is third from the right on the editing bar).

When the page is saved, your custom signature along with the date and time will be saved on the page.

Anonymous users[]

Anonymous users are required to sign properly as well. The signing of a comment will include an IP address, IP talk page, and time the comment was made.

Unsigned comments[]

By looking at the history of a page, one can figure out who left the last unsigned comment. Users are encouraged to use the {{unsigned}} template. How to use this template can be found here.


The name in the signature should be one that is clearly recognizable, readable, does not use uncommon font. Uncommon fonts cannot be displayed correctly on some computers. The text should also be readily compared to the user account name. A shortening or abbreviation of a name is fine, as long as other users accept this as your signature. If asked to change it, please do so if given good reasons.


The image, if one is used in a signature, should not be more than 19 pixels tall (#x19).