Requests for Adminship

A request for adminship (RfA), is a process in which the community helps a bureaucrat decide whether or not to give a user Sysop rights. This is done by a vote tally as well as arguments as to why or why not the user in question is suited for sysop rights.

Creating an RfA Edit

A RfA should not be started for:

  • People that have not made clear acceptance on their talk page after being notified of their nomination.
  • IP/Anonymous users.
  • Someone who has a RfA already active.
  • Someone who has had an unsuccessful RfA within the past month.
  • A user that is not in good standing (is currently blocked, or has been blocked within the past month. Duration of the block must be more than 24 hours.).

To create a RfA:

  • If any past RfA's have not already been archived, archive the RfA(s). To do this, simply move the page to Guild Wars Guilds:Requests for adminship/Username/Archive 1 (for increase the number by one for each RfA).
  • Use the box below to create the RfA page. Just type in their user name.

  • Add the page to the list of current RfA's below.

Support, Oppose, & NeutralEdit

While an RfA is active you may add your support, oppose, or neutral vote under the correct sections on the RfA page. You should also provide a reason why you are supporting or opposing (reasons are not required for neutral votes); votes in the support/oppose area that do not have a reason will not be counted in the vote tally. Do not make personal attacks in your comments; always keep your criticism constructive.

Closing an RfAEdit

RfA's that have been created in the correct fashion can be ended in one of these ways:

  • User in question withdraws.
  • User in question is blocked for more than 24 hours while the RfA is active.
  • After an RfA has been active for more than 7 days a bureaucrat will tally the votes and read over all reasonings. The bureaucrat will then make a decision based on the vote tally and the reasonings. A bureaucrat may increase the time of an RfA to 14 days is he/she feels it is necessary.

The bureaucrat that makes the decision should place a notice on the page informing others that it has been closed.

Sysop RemovalEdit

See Guild Wars Guilds:Request for sysop removal


Please place the username of the user you wish to nominate for adminship below. After you have nominated them notify them on their talk page that they have been nominated. If the nominee does not accept within seven days, the nomination will be revoked.

Current NominationsEdit

  • ...

Current RfAs Edit

Add {{Guild Wars Guilds:Requests for adminship/USERNAME}} to the top of this list (replacing USERNAME with the candidate's name).

No current RFAs.

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