Policies are some of the most important rules of Guild Wars Guilds. Not only can they regulate content, but they can also regulate user conduct as well.

Creating, revising and repealing policiesEdit

Policies cannot be arbitrarily altered (with the exception of typo fixes and things to the like). New policies and policy changes must be drafted, proposed, discussed, and reach concensus before they are considered policy.

Policy changes (major or minor) are proposed by adding a link to the "Proposed Changes" section below (they should be added even if hey are still in draft form). Major changes to a policy should have their own page which should be a subpage of the policy you wish to change (for example, it should be as so Guild Wars Guilds:<POLICYNAME>/<CHANGENAME>), in which the change is present. If you wish to propose a new policy then you must create a new page (Guild Wars Guilds:<NEWPOLICYNAME>) and create a draft version of the policy

  • Draft policies should include {{draft policy}} on the page.
  • Once you feel that the draft has been tweaked enough to become a policy add {{proposed policy}} to the page.
  • If concensus is reached that the policy or change should be included then it will become and official policy, the {{policy}} template will then be added to the page.
  • If there is concensus against a proposal, the proposal fails, the {{proposed policy}} tag is removed and replaced with {{rejected policy}}; the link will then be moved to the recently failed proposals section below.
  • Failed proposals may not be re-proposed for a period of three months unless there is concensus in favor of re-proposal.
  • Proposals may also be retracted with concensus, in which case {{proposed policy}} is removed and replaced with {{retracted proposal}}; the proposal link is then moved to the recently failed proposals section below.

Without concensus in favor of implementation, rejection or retraction, a policy proposal may remain a proposal indefinitely.

The recently implemented proposals and recently failed proposals sections may be periodically trimmed, however recently failed proposals must retain all proposals which have failed in the past two months and have not been re-proposed.

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List of current policiesEdit

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  • Guild Wars Guilds:Policy/Draft A
  • ...

Recently failed proposalsEdit

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