Image policy


  • All Guild images must be named as such:
<Proper full name of Guild> <description>.<file extension>
An example of such is File:Example Guild Cape.jpg, or File:Example Guild Banner.jpg. Do not include the tag when naming guild images or use the tag alone. File:Instruments Of Truth (Tru) Cape.jpg is such an example on how to not name a file.
  • All User images must be named as such:
User <User's full proper nametag> <description>.<file extension>
An example of such is File:User Example Photo.jpg

Please note, when uploading images, having "File:" in the name is unnecessary as the wiki creates this for you with the proper name in front.

Accepted FormatEdit

Accepted formats for images are:

  • .jpg/.jepg
  • .gif
  • .bmp (?)
  • ... Need more information on what this wikia can take.


To be decide upon consensus on max pixel size and file size.

People of AntiochEdit

800 KB, 1024x768; though allow for special cases and permissions


  • Any content that violates current policy.
  • Any image that does not adhere to this policy, or that is named incorrectly.
  • Copyright infringement.

Image deletionEdit

Your image may be deleted for these reasons:

  • Orphaned - The image has not been used for over (x) amount of time, and has been tagged for Orphaned. In (y) days, if this tag is uncontested, then the image will be deleted.
  • Violation of policy.
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