Guild Wars Guilds, has now set-up an IRC channel on GameSurge. IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, it is a form of quick contact for many people. Guild Wars Guilds' users can join us on IRC at #GuildWarsGuilds.

Getting IRCEdit

In order for you be able to come chat with us you will need to obtain an IRC client. Some of the more popular ones are Chatzilla, Vortec and mIRC. You will need to download these a client in order to be connected (however some sites offer java clients).


If you wish to added to the userlist or participate with a few extra tools you can register an account on GameSurge.


There are a few rules in our IRC channel. First we would like to make it know that none of the policies on this wiki apply on the IRC channel. We have made specific rules:

  1. No personal attacks; what so ever or you will be banned from the IRC channel.
  2. Keep bad language to a minimum; we cater to members of all ages, and inappropraite language should be kept to a minimum (but it is not forbidden).
  3. No bad nicknames; we have set up a bot (User:PhoenixBot) in our IRC channel that will ban people for having bad or innapropraite nicknames.
  4. Only wiki admins will be given OP status (however, trusted users will be given control of PhoenixBot when no admins are on IRC; which will allow them temp. OP powers.)
  5. Try to participate; this is not required, but we do commence games in out IRC channel and would love for you to participate.


Our IRC currently has a few extra features that other IRC channels do not.

Note-Logo Note: The features have been temporarily disabled, due to an error with User:PhoenixBot in the IRC chat room.


We currently have a few games on our channel that can be turned on by bot Assistants and Masters.

  • Hot Patato
  • Spin The Bottle
  • Higher Lower
  • Trivia
  • Russian Roulette
  • Tic-Tac-Toe (under construction)
  • Truth or Dare (under construction)

Other FeaturesEdit

These features can be used by all users.

  • Google Search (!google <term>)
  • Weather (!weather <place>)
  • Time (only for bot operators)
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