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Guild forums

Here on Guild Wars Guilds we strive to provide guilds with the best resources for their guild, one of these is guild forums.

Obtaining a guild forum[]

Obtaining a guild forum is actually quite easy. All that you need to do to obtain a guild forum is create a guild page. Once you have created a guild page, simply type Forum:<YOUR GUILD NAME HERE> in the search box and create the page. Then add [[Category:Guild forums]] to the bottom of the guild forum. The forum will then be up and running!


There are a few restrictions on guild forums that you may wish to know about.

  1. Guild forums are not guild chat. The guild forums here on Guild Wars Guilds should be used to announce guild news and discuss important topics; they are not here for general discussion.
  2. All policies on Guild Wars Guilds still apply on guild forums.
  3. If you do not want others to know about it, do not discuss it.

Disbanded guilds[]

If a guild becomes disbanded, someone from the past guild should add {{delete|Disbanded guild}} to the forum so a administrator can delete the page for the disbanded guild. If the tag was placed by mistake, or someone did is the is not in the guild/alliance then you may request that the forum be restored on the admin noticeboard.

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