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{{draft policy}}

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Blocking policy

Identifying Personal Attacks

A personal attack is any attack on a user's character, and is not constructive criticism or in anyway positive to an article's edit...

Personal Attack Blocking

Note: This should be used as a guideline and handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • First Offense
    • Weak attack, possibly unintentional: Firm warning, reminder of the policy.
    • Strong, intentional attack: Very firm warning, reminder of the policy and its procedure.
  • Repeated attacks - A ban duration of one day, more as a cool-off period.
    • User has a running record of attacks - Ban duration of three days, depending on severity.
      • User uses sockpuppet(s)1 or proxies to continue attacks - Ban of three days for IP attacks; permaban2 for accounts created for attacks. Additional ban time added to the main account of the offender.

1 A sockpuppet is a dummy account created for the sole purpose of chatter for continued personal attacks or the illusion of greater majority.
2 A permaban is the permanent banning of an account and the prevention of new account creation.

Identifying Vandals

A vandal is a user who, with the intention of disruption, makes an retrogressive edit to an article. Note: some users may not be intentionally making bad edits to an article and may need help. Remember to assume good faith.

Vandal Blocking

Note: This should be used as a guideline and handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • First Offense: User is notified, and asked to stop and perhaps ask for help. Accounts created solely for vandalism should be permabanned.
  • Repeat Offense: User is notified, and possibly banned for a day depending on the severity of the action.
  • Bots
    • IP Bots: IPs are banned for three days.
    • Account Bots: Accounts are permabanned.