The Admin noticeboard is one way through which users can notify administrators of issues needing administrative attention. While users are welcome to directly contact specific administrators (especially if they are seen to be active), posting here can be an easier and quicker way of ensuring that at least one admin will notice an issue and respond to it promptly. Remember to sign when posting an issue.

Before posting an issue here, consider the following:

  • As this is a noticeboard and not a talk page, please refrain from discussing.
  • Post only issues that require administrative action as per policy, i.e. blocking vandals, protecting pages etc.
  • Do not post issues regarding content disputes. Try making a request for comments instead by adding a link to the discussion page.
  • Mediation requests between users should only be made if a resolution could not be reached between users.
  • For issues regarding the use of this wiki, please see our help center.

To create a new request, add a new section at the bottom of the list below, providing a brief and neutral summary of the issue. Use the {{user}} template when referring to a specific user. When adding vandalism issues, add them at the top of the "Vandal issues" section instead by using the {{vandal}} template. Do not insert links or templates in a header.

As a sign of courtesy, also leave a message on the talk page of any involved user so they are aware of a potential policy breach.

The current administrators on Guild Wars Guilds are:

Name Position Location Timezone Status
People of Antioch Bureaucrat USA flag PST Active
Shadowphoenix Bureaucrat USA flag EST Inactive
Balistic Pve Sysop USA flag PST Active
Eloc Jcg Sysop Canada flag MT Inactive
Felix Omni Sysop USA flag CDT Inactive
Randomtime Sysop UK flag BST Inactive
Vipermagi Sysop Question Mark Question Mark Inactive

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Notices to administrators Edit

  • Notice to admins, patrolled edits are now indicated in the recent changes. --23:57, 22 February 2009 (UTC)
  • As many of you may know, we are having some issues with our default skin. We have contacted Wikia (our sever host) and we are awaiting a response from them. We strongly urge administrators to not edit their preferences until this issue has been resolved.
  • New Sysops/Rollbacks, please see Help:Administrators' how-to guide for more information on your new abilities.

Vandal issues Edit

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