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Gems Of Destiny [GOD]
Gems Of Destiny [GOD]
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Territory USA flag.png America
Language English
Type PvE
Members 31
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle
Forums Forum
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Formed in April 2007, Gems Of Destiny is a friendly PvE guild that heads an 9 guild Luxon alliance. We are all friends who have played Guild Wars together for most of the past year. We enjoy guild/alliance groups for all levels of PvE play, assisting each other in meeting personal goals within the game, and guiding new players to become elite players by sharing builds, strategies, and resources. We don't care about rank or rating, or participate in any pvp activity beyond Alliance Battles. Read our story.

Guild Gems Of Destiny dove.png

Most of our recruitment occurs as we group with new players and discover personalities that fit. No spam recruitment is allowed. There are no faction farming requirements that come with guild membership. We also have no activity requirements; members log on and play whenever is convenient for them.

Guild Gems Of Destiny dove.png
Contact information

If you wish to learn more about us, contact Wyn Thyst in game or on her GWW talk page or Shadoew Phoenix.

Guild Gems Of Destiny dove.png

Gems Of Destiny Alliance
Leader Gems Of Destiny
Members Anet Nerfed • Black Roze • Coke Mule Immigrants • D U U • The Shadowmane Bloodline • Instruments Of Truth • I Have Reverted Your • The Last There