Historical Guild
Historical Guild

Frozen Agony [frag] Edit

Frozen Agony [frag]
Frozen Agony
Territory Europe
Language German
Alignment Kurzick
Type PvP
Members 8
GWG Forum Frozen Agony

Frozen Agony was one of the top PvP guilds in 2007. Founded in March of 2007, they made many accomplishments along the way. However, the guild disbanded on December 5th, 2007. A reason for the guild's disbandment has not been made known to Guild Wars Guilds.

Accomplishments Edit

Enjoy Teh Silence Alliance
Leader Enjoy Teh Silence
Members Frozen Agony • Ink Allstars • Kyu Kyu • Penguin Terrorism • Revive Teammates • Rolfs Moa Powered By • Threeeeee Blinding Surges
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