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Fraternity of Assassins [FoA][]

Fraternity Of Assassins FoA
Fraternity Of Assassins.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Leader Quantum Solace
Alignment Luxon
Type PvX
Members ~40
Guild Hall Warrior's Isle
VoIP Yes (currently down)
IRC channel No
Webpage Not yet
Time zone Varies

[FoA] is a small friendly guild. We have a full GH, cape, vent (currently down). We do PvE and PvP (not GvG right now. We are currently looking for more guilds to join with us. We would be interested in having other guilds with members with similar aims to ours, PvE (Fow, UW, getting through campaigns etc) and also who enjoy PvP (TA, AB). We will hopefully be expanding into "hard" PvP such as HA and GvG, it depends on the abilities of members and allies we have as to how soom this will come about.


Anyone can join, we want friendly socialble members. PM an officer in game, or leave a message on this talk page.

We are also currently looking for guilds with similar preferences (PvP + PvE) to have an alliance.

Contact information[]


AssassinElementalist Quantum Solace


WarriorAssassin Die Wahre Borussia / Cut Throat Borussia
WarriorRitualist Mr Flying Dutchman / Spirits Vent
AssassinMonk Evilness Pvp
AssassinRitualist Sharpeye Harvester / Rituals Harvester
ElementalistNecromancer Flames of Solitude
NecromancerAssassin Slayer Ragnarok
NecromancerAssassin Killer Ragnarok
MesmerParagon Trixy Trixy
MonkWarrior Chendo Theresa