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Experientia Docet [OHX]
Language English
Leader Odins Acolyte
Type Elite PvE
Members 70+
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
VoIP Ventrilo

[OHX] is the reformed guild of the beta guild Odin's Hammer [OH]. It was created in March 2009 by a couple of members who were not satisfied with the amount of activity but did not want to leave the guild. They rebuilt in the guild Experentia Docet with most of the active members from [OH] since they preferred not to have a beta guild disbanded it slowly slunk behind [OHX]'s fast rising career of fame.

[OHX] is in the [ToA] alliance. We stay true to the alliance age restrictions (some exceptions are made in special cases), but for the most part stay a 18+ guild.


Recruitment is through application on our forums.

We have achieved a 9 min UWSC run time (all guild). We focus mainly on the more elite forms of PvE such as Dungeons, UW/FoW, and DoA.

Contacts In Game[]

If you prefer to reach a Leader/Officer, talk to one of these people in game:
Minerva Stormgaard
Garett Jans
Red Paizon
Ruthless Life
Willow Lion
Covert Operative
Just Press Any Key
Mooky Em