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East Indian Guild [EIG]

East Indian Guild [EIG]
East Indian Guild.jpg
Territory Europe
Language Dutch
Alignment Luxon
Type PvE
Members 70-80
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
IRC channel N/A
Time zone GMT+1

The East Indian Guild is a Dutch-language guild that plays both PvE and PvP, both casually.

The East Indian Guild is loosely based upon the United Dutch East Asia Company, a collection of successful seafarers, explorers, and traders from the 17th century. When it came to choosing a side in Factions, the guild leader learned that the Luxons were also seafarers and traders. At that time, the only Kurzick NPCs the EIG had met were Lukas and Headmaster Amara. They were both too arrogant and thus represented the Kurzicks badly; their loss! And so the choice to become Luxon was made. The EIG cape springs from that history. The anchor symbolizes the United Dutch East Asia Company and the green resembles the jade sea.

As a guild, the EIG tries to do all sorts of fun things together. Their events, which are known as 'festivals' are a combination of several 'mini-games' and coöperative missions/quests in an attempt to attract players with a broad range of interests. The guild also hosts some weekly events, such as a GvG team, a Happy Hour and a Market.

The current cape is actually the third design made by the guild leader. It was created as a replacement for the cape worn during the European Soccer Championship in 2006. The cape pictured a golden lion on an orange background, which is a symbol of the Netherlands and a tribute to the national soccer team. The first cape, which the members wore prior to the championship pictured a blue/white sky with a golden sun in it. However, it simply didn't fit the guild anymore. The Mistress of Trade decided on the current design and it has been her favorite ever since.


  • Founding 7/05/06.
  • Guild of the Week 1/05/07.
  • First Anniversary 8/05/07.
  • Luxon Festival 30/06/07.
  • Beach Party 9/07/07.
  • Hero Battle Tournament 4/08/07.
  • Completed Sorrow's Furnace (Normal Mode) 3/09/07.
  • Completed Urgoz Warren (Normal Mode)
  • Completed Fissure of Woe (Normal Mode)
  • Completed Slaver's Exile (Normal Mode)
  • 9th place on the Quarterly Challenge Mission ladder
  • Placed on the Notable Guilds page (under T)


The current leader of the East Indian Guild is Merenwen Calafalas, the Mistress of Trade.


The following officers of this guild have userpages on GWW:


The following members of this guild have userpages on GWW:

~X Sjoerd X

~Finally Ashe


~Sir Bertrand


We are currently not recruiting, but the guilds in our alliance are.

Contact information



In game: Contact Merenwen Calafalas or Nicky Silverstar.

East Indian Guild Alliance
Leader East Indian Guild
Members Dont Act Like A • Dutch Elite Force Protectors • Dutch Protectors Of Light • Holland Night Wolfs • Infinite Omega Negatives • Mystic Dragon Warriors • Shell Shock • Soldiers Of Rock • The Forgotten Warriors
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