Dragons Flame Disciples [龍火戰神] Edit

Dragons Flame Disciples 龍火戰神
Dragons Flame Disciples
Territory International
Language varies
Leader Soulblade Enforcer
Type GW2
Members varies
GWG Forum

Origins Edit

Served under the Celestial Ministry of Emperor Kisu: Ministry of Fire

Status Edit

Banished from the Dragon Empire (Cantha) following the succession of Emperor Usoku

Recruitment Edit

Guild site under construction, reforming

Contact information Edit

Guild site under construction

Dragons Flame Disciples Clan [龍火戰神] Alliance
Leader Dragons Flame Disciples Clan [龍火戰神]
Members Night Shade Assassins Clan [夜影玄侠] • Heavenly Wind Spirits [寒風雷魔] • Dragon Eye Assassins Clan [火龍眼忍] • Demon Claw Assassins Clan [阴幻魔爪] • Blood Wind Phoenix Disciples Clan [仇風戰徒] • Seventh Moon Clan [七幻明月] • Chaotic Warriors Clan [乱世英雄] • Iron Fang Assassins Clan [金牙殺手] • Scarlet Dragon Brigade [流星劍]
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