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Charter Vanguard [CV][]

Charter Vanguard CV
File:Guild Charter Vanguard cape.jpg
Territory International
Leader Sizz Darkstar
Type PvE
Members 140+
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP Ventrillo
Webpage Charter Vanguard

Charter Vanguard is a fun-loving guild formed for the purpose of playing Guild Wars, long before the game was ever available. This is a testament not only to their love of and dedication to this game, but also that they just enjoy spending time with each other. Their members hail from many different regions, including Asia, Europe, and America, to name a few. They maintain a fun and exciting atmosphere, and one of their founding principles is being available for the support and enjoyment of each other both in-game and out. Their membership includes many talented people, ranging from the graphically artistic to those of us who are bards, painters of words, and those who are natural leaders and motivators. Other talents have yet to rise to the surface, but they are definitely there. CV has a long and storied history, having survived many organizational crises but emerging the better for each experience. Many decisions at the moment are still being achieved by general consensus, but they work well together and welcome different opinions and opposing arguments. On September 12, 2007, they were named Guild of the Week.

They have fought the fight. They have weathered the storm. They have not been swayed from their course. They have stood tall in the face of all opposition. They have held true to the Standard. They are the Charter Vanguard!


CV welcomes any level of experience, and even has members for which Guild Wars is their very first MMO / guild experience. They also have many members who have been around since Beta and are fully experienced in GW gameplay.

See the recruiting information on their website.

Contact information[]


  • Sizz Darkstar


  • Brother Cole
  • Lacus Hime
  • Mac Stormbringer
  • Talia Amira
  • Cain Briareus
  • Ume Natsumi
  • Atom Apocalypse
  • Sean Ironbrow

Expansion and Growth[]

With more and more demand for membership, and a desire to reach out and try new things, CV has tried something very different: They've split themselves into 2 guilds under one alliance, with the intent of running both guilds as one. CV1 and CV2 now share the same leader and officers, and the members use AC to talk instead of GC. All are mixed together on the same forum, and are free to change membership between each guild at will. So far it is working beautifully and allowed the Charter Vanguard to expand its membership to 130+ and growing. They have put a strong focus on keeping everyone close knit and satisfied, and emphasize the importance of friendship. They are now stronger than ever, and ready for whatever new challenges and bounties the future may bring.

Extra activities[]

CV has a record of making mad and touching videos which can be found on YouTube. These include Fire of the Covenant, Insight into the mind of a Kurzick Hater and The Clover and The Skull as well as many others from our talented members.

Charter Vanguard Alliance
Leader Charter Vanguard
Members Fire Of The Covenant
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