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Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis [BdV][]

Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis [BdV]
Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis.jpg
Territory Europe
Language English
Type PvP (GvG)
Members 9
VoIP Ventrilo
IRC channel, #bdvgilde
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/UTC+2)

Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis, founded in the early beta test in 2005, is an international competitive Guild Wars Guild. You can find its rank here and its homepage over here.


We are currently not recruiting. Please do not contact us in-game and ask if you can join.


Contact information[]

IRC:, #bdvgilde


Rebel Rising Alliance
Leader Rebel Rising
Members Bruderschaft Der Verdammnis • Dangerous And Moving • Dangerous Pumpkins • Dark Alley • Dont Mess With The Don • I Disposable Heroes I • Stealing Society • Sun Tzu Legacy • Whats Going On
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