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Brotherhood Of Veterans [BRO] Edit

Has become a very successful guild in Guild Wars, so much so that it has been named a notable guild.

"The Brotherhood" is an organization that provides a fun friendly active mature family friendly gaming environment to everyone. There is a balance of serious players and casual players. PVEers and PVPer's. members with multiple characters and accounts and members with one of each. Players that have been playing multiple years and players that have been playing a month or less. An age range that goes from 14-65 with an average age of 27.

We believe Maturity isn't based on age but how you handle your actions

We Don't segregate members based off of playstyle, activity rate, age , experience, or anything else when it comes to placement or group organizing.

Active is defined as playing with other members getting to know other members and making friends. NOT just logging in everyday to play by yourself.

Brotherhood Of Veterans [BRO]
Territory America
Language English
Leader Sidorak Vatamier
Alignment None (Kurzick)
Type PvX
Members 250
Guild Hall varies
Webpage [1]
Forums [2]
Time zone GMT -6

Accomplishments Edit

Recruitment Edit

The goal of the Brotherhood is to offer a fun,friendly, and exciting gaming environment that offers organized groups over a wide range of playing styles so every member can findsomething to do every night they play.

The Brotherhood promises its members 3 things:
1. Active, Family, Friendly and a fun playing environment.
2. Organized groups by officers profficient in all areas.
3. Mature members who are friendly and respect each other.

The Brotherhood asks from its members just 3 things:
1. Be active, not just loggin in in game but use the forums, get on Teamspeak, get in groups and get to know other members.
2. Make sure you conduct your actions in a manner that is mature and respectful not just with other members, but with everyone in the game.
3. Have fun, rember its just a game!

Contact information Edit

Sidorak Vatamier, Queen O, Blessed The One, Mr Haftaway, Ares Wargoth, Infinity Bloom, Zenobia Hex Queen, Courchesne X OR Apply at our website ecspecially if you play games other than guildwars

Brotherhood Of Veterans Alliance
Leader Brotherhood Of Veterans
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