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Blades of the Gaia [Gaia] Edit

Blades of the Gaia [Gaia]
Blades of the Gaia
Territory America
Language English
Leader Kale Thi
Type PvE
Members 6
Guild Hall Isle of Solitude

Well, the guild is going fine with quite a few interesting people within its walls. I've had friendly encounters with them. They have extremely good tidbits of info, helpful for anyone.


We are a small guild looking for members and officers. Most of us are on at least once a day. We try to be helpful when we can and are friendly to anybody. The current upgrades at our guild hall are as follows: Xulnai Agent, Merchant, Rune Trader, Weaponsmith, and Priest of Balthazar.

Leader Kale Thi
Officer Midna Cyrstal
Officer Lied the Outcast
Officer Da Ferret and Stoat
Officer India Deadly
Member Burdock Brightblade

Recruitment Edit

We have no real standards for recruitment, except that you are friendly. Blades of the Gaia excepts and is willing to help newbies. All welcome to join.

Contact information Edit

If you are in interested in joining our guild, you can contact me or one of my officers for more info.

~Kale Thi~

Blades of the Gaia Alliance
Leader Blades of the Gaia
Members Unknown

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