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The Asuran Ameteurs [AA] is a newly formed kurzick guild that has high hopes for the future. It is lead by Vedido The Smiter who has left with his mate Sir Jeffry Butnic from the Sanitarium Six [VI] to form this new alliance guild. As soon as the alleigiance is pledged to be a kurzick guild, plans to become the alliance of VI will be made. This guild respects all it members/officers with the same positive effect and all people will be rewarded for good deeds/activness and dedication to this guild. We are also hoping to raise funds for guild events with prizes and enough money for some services in the guild hall. We are looking to recruit alot more people and hopefully become a powerful and well known PVE/PVP guild. We are also planning other alliance guilds to join us as soon as Maya gets to House Zu Heltzer.


Leader: Vedido The Smiter

Officers: Sir Jeffry Butnic, Maya Supreem

Members: None yet

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